Vaugirard +


110 dwellings – Paris


The project responds to the theme of suspended gardens benefiting from a privileged position, in vertical alignment to an industrial building accommodating the maintenance workshop of the RATP. The residential building is designed as a thin, tensioned bar which encourages traversing configurations. Its narrow profile allows for the creation of a strip of planted gardens overlooking the street, which emerge as a leafy frieze that opens and animates the urban profile. On the upper levels, these gardens take the form of loggias situated in the extensions of kitchens and large exterior service zones. The advantage of this configuration is a substitution of dark and anonymous circulation cores with open, naturally lit circulation, further enhanced by spaces capable of being appropriated by the residents. We no longer enter from the rear of the residence, but from the front. All apartments benefit from a southern orientation in rooms, leisure spaces, and exterior areas. In this manner, the project takes the key figures of modern architecture, such as the slab, the corridor and the continuous balcony, and assigns them new domestic and urban qualities.


Programme  Construction of 110 social residences through the reorganization of RATP offices in Vaugirard

Maître d’ouvrage  Logis Transport

Surface  6 540 m² SDP

Budget  9 850 000 € HT

Architectes  Muoto (mandataire) & R Architectes

Consultants Fabrice Bougon, Bollinger & Grohmann, Inex, Alternative

Mission  Competition

Année  2014

Certification Hqe bbc rt 2012