Corbeil +

Kindergarten and elementary school group – Corbeil-Essonnes


The school cluster situates itself in the area as a large landscape entity which stretches the length of a newly designed avenue. Each of the schools is accessible by opposite ends of the avenue, with Picasso School to the north and Montagne des Glaises at the southern end. The placement of each school within the site seeks to provide each school with unique identities and atmospheres through varied visual, functional, and natural characteristics. The Picasso school is organized around a renovated building, surrounded by a green space containing a playground, a teaching garden and a reforested slope serving as an outdoor classroom. The kindergarten is organized, in contrast, around the void of its large courtyard surrounded by three wings. Along the exterior, a facade in the form of a regular colonnade serves to define the school as a dense urban entity, while on the interior the experience is inversed as the spaces expand to accommodate gardens, glazing and planted patios. Such organisation allows both schools to be united while retaining their respective autonomy.

Program  rehabilitation and extension of a kindergarten and elementary school with a total of 22 classes, library, restaurant, guardians residence, sport court and exterior spaces, 64 parking places

Client  City of Corbeil-Essonnes
Area  4.700 m² + 5600 m² exteriors
Budget  8 800 000 €
Architects  Muoto (representative) with Jean de Giacinto
Year  2012