Data Center +


Datacenter, the grid – Identity


The concept of the turn key datacenter is based on a uniform envelope that can evolve in size and expresses a bold identity. The envelope is organized in a 2.5 m three dimensional grid that repeats infinitely and encompasses all buildings and landscapes. It adheres to the idea of a 2.5 m three-dimensional grid, which covers all buildings and landscape with an infinite pattern that stands at the crossroads of modular construction techniques and the imaginary digital realm. The modular envelope is composed of standard structural elements commonly used in industrial architecture. Each modular unit of the façade contains structural square section steel beams that support a basic 300m² black metal grates. The modular unit can evolve in size in accordance to clients’ requirements. The grid outlines the boundaries of the structure and the parking lot transforming the datacenter into a digital object: a minimal and abstract volume that is perceived only by its outline. Between Sol Lewitt, Superstudio and the world of Tron, the square grid is abstract and infinite and is built up as a symbolic figure by the values of the virtual realm: advance technology, speed, knowledge, and experimentation. A world that makes us harder, better, faster and stronger.


Program Datacenter
Client Private
Area 300 m²
Architects Muoto
Year Competition 2013