Genk +

Sports complex  – Genk, Belgique 


This project is an extension of a sports complex in Genk, Belgium, originally designed by Russian architect Isia Isgour in 1963. It includes the creation of a new multi-sports hall, as well as the restoration of the existing hall, and other new spaces such as a dance studio, a gym, storage and locker rooms, a restaurant and technical spaces. The central idea is to concentrate the different functions in a low building, extending the platform of the existing building. The collection small closed spaces is situated in a linear entity rising three stories, one which functions as a bridge linking the public front and the rear entrance reserved for technical access and deliveries. The main hall occupies a central position, flanked by peripheral circulation which transforms the space into an arena that may be viewed from any location in the new complex. The exterior facades are clad in white textured concrete whose slight slope and hollowed exits give the building the appearance of a hardened sheet appearing to float above the ground, bringing a sense of lightness to the overall volume. Public access distinguishes itself from the exterior through the presence of a double ramp system allowing visitors to either access the entrance area overlooking the main hall, or to enter the sporting areas directly.

Program  Extension and renovation of a sports complex ; 4 multi-sport rooms, dance studio, gym and table tennis, club-house restaurant, locker rooms, storage, audiovisual control and reception. renovation: multi-sport rooms and dojo.
Client  City of Genk
Area  5700 m² Extension + 1600 m² Renovation
Budget  7 670 000 € + 1 000 000 €
Architects  Architects/ Muoto (representative), with Spline
Year Competition 2010