Lille Euratech +


ILOT 3B  – Lille, Euratechnologies district

The building sits in a former industrial site of Lille being reconverted into a business district for young IT companies. The building works as an urban articulation between a large public space and various existing buildings. To sustain the dialogue with these buildings marked by the color and physicality of the brick, the project is distinctively conveived as a light steel and glass construction. The dimension of its structural exosqueleton coincides with the large glass and aluminium panels of the façade. This coincidence intends to create a particular abstraction, as the curtain wall is no longer perceptible as such. In order to relate to the public space, the building was conceived a succession of vertical plans, from back to front. At the back, in linear core integrates all technical functions. The front façade includes a loggia, defining the building’s public identity, while also serving for climatic regulation. Inside, technical networks are included in the thick floors, so as to free the ceiling and facilitate the evolutive partition of the free floors.


Program Offices, facilities for companies, innovation hub

Client  Soreli, Foncière de l’Erable, Crédit Agricole Nord de France, Promonor& Efervel

Surface  1 266 m² SDP

Budget 2 900 000 € HT

Architectes  Muoto

Consultants  ATEC, Bollinger & Grohmann, Espace Temps, Casso & Associés

Year  2017

Certification BBC RT 2012