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 University Restaurant– Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris


The extension of the Cafeteria Malesherbes consist a series of layered planes on artificial ground of an inner courtyard. The form of the project is organically developed from the natural parameters of the site, such as the solar exposure of the courtyard and existing pedestrian traffic. Its horizontal configuration spreads loads from the construction evenly. The priority of the project aims to unify the cafeteria, reception and meeting rooms in the same central space. The cafeteria extension creates a new link between the surrounding buildings and rejuvenates the underused courtyard in four different elements. The lower court acts as a continuation of the new dining hall and maintains a visual link due to the permeable glazed façade. The covered passageway is an exit for the restaurant and an entrance for the administration offices. The canopy acts as a protective threshold for the existing reception hall and incorporates a large staircase that accesses an exterior terrace occupying the entire upper level. The smaller triangular terrace replaces three existing emergency exits and links the lecture theatres to the courtyard. The larger terrace offers an ideal exposure to sunlight for outside activities and relaxation.


Program Cafeteria, restaurant
Client Université Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV

Area 785 m2
Budget 1 700 000 €
Architect Muoto

Consultants Michel Forgue, Louis Choulet, Batiserf, Novorest
Year competition 2012

Certification hqe bbc