Richebourg +

Handisport gymnasIUM – Richebourg, Yvelines


The gym centre is located in a disabled children’s centre based in Richebourg, a rural town of Yvelines. The three different sporting centre locations are currently scattered across the site and is difficult to access. The project’s goal is to unify the aggregated activities on the site and improve the overall relationship between the medical activities and educational centre. The site is remarkable for the quality of existing buildings in typical late 1970s brutalist style, nestled in the beautiful landscape of forests and grassy knolls. As a response to the specific conditions of the site, a gym was proposed as an extension of the Institute, not as a new autonomous building. By placing the new extension at the centre of the site will improve existing circulation of the project. The new gym centre is inserted between the IMS, greenhouse, cultural centre and parking lot, this arrangement provides smoother and safer pedestrian connections for the Children Institute. The building is clad with pebble concrete metaphorically floating above transparent glazing. The detachment of the solid concrete from the ground provides lightness and opens the gym to the breathtaking landscape. The faceted roof can articulate the heights of the two volumes that make up the gym and reduce its visual impact on the site. The gym continues the alternating horizontal dark and light bands of the existing building. The entrance is between the old and new building that merges visitor and IEM access in a central space.

Program  Gymnasium for the disabled
Client  Handicapped IEM Richebourg

Area  1 700 m²

Budget  2 210 000 €

Architects  Muoto
Year  2006