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The new silo – Zurich, Switzerland
The pavilion is a lively all-day urban meeting place situated in the park of the new HGZZ University Campus in Zurich. It takes the form of an autonomous object that rises between the trees of the Gloriapark. It is a signal and orientation point. Its monumental interior space is designed as a covered public square whose uses change throughout the day. Early in the morning, on their way to work, employees of the Zurich University Hospital have a coffee here. In the afternoon, students take a break. In the evening, the new silo becomes an event venue. It can also be used for exhibitions of end-of-semester projects, lectures, film screenings and parties. The steel structure and the round shape refers to the architecture of gasometers, water towers and grain silos.
Program Pavilion in the park of the HGZZ Campus, bar, restaurant, exhibition and event space
Client City of Zurich
Surface area 228 sqm + 150 sqm exterior spaces
Budget 4 000 000 €
Architect Muoto
Year 2020