Castagnary +

Student residence – Paris 15e
This 250 dwelling-complex includes studios for young workers, migrant workers and students. The dwellings are distributed in four adjacent volumes. The massing of the building is tapered on the south elevation due to the perimeter of the property line. The building’s mass then stretches along the connecting axis of Castagnary Street and the Montparnasse station rail network. On the railway elevation, the building plays with an invisible boundary within the buildable area. Its continuous floor slabs form an emphasis on horizontality, a common trait in the surrounding site. Its flexible structural frames accommodate a variety of facades and urban volumes. On the ground floor, retail spaces contribute to the lively atmosphere of the street, while entrance halls are directly connected to a garden protected from the nuisances of the railway.
Program 250 dwellings, social residence for young workers, student residence, home for migrant workers, retail spaces
Client OPH Paris Habitat
Surface area 5409 sqm
Budget €15,000,000
Architect Muoto
Consultants Fabrice Bougon, Facéa
Year 2013