Diderot +

University restaurant – Université Paris-Diderot, Paris
The new restaurant area at the Paris-Diderot University increases the existing capacity through the addition of a contained volume distributed over three levels, including a basement. The metal structure of this glass pavilion produces a tensioned vault at the base of the renovated Halle aux Farines, engaging in careful dialogue between the powerful presence of the hall and the light extension which appears detached from the ground, the tentative connection forming the illusion that it could leap off the ground at any moment. A double staircase, pressed against the glass front, exposes the user’s movements as they circulate between floors as a parallel to the thin shell arching over the hall, while simultaneously creating a link between the sidewalk and the deep, rigorous volume. The interior design emphasizes pleasure of wandering, the simplicity of transition and spatial quality to allow for an experience of voluminous, open and transient space accentuating the lightness and breadth of the roof above.
Program University restaurant
Client CROUS of Paris
surface area 812 sqm
Budget €2,200,000
Architect Muoto
Consultants Michel Forgue, Louis Choulet, Batiserf, Novorest
Year 2012