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Five glass houses – Cartha Magazine
Mister C used to live in five different glass houses, which he had bought over the years for the sheer love of glass architecture. He used to travel from one house to the other. Always in the same order. Once he had visited them all, he would go back to the first one, visit all the others again. Just like Howard Hughes, the famous aviator who used to live in a series of identical apartments scattered around the world, his life was about experiencing speed. However, this speed was not like that of a bullet train. It was like a kind of inertia. A speed so absolute that it would become almost static. One day, he decided that he had become too old to keep moving from one house to another. He called his architect who suggested that he should dismantle the five houses, and rebuild them in a single place, since glass houses were particularly easy to dismantle and rebuild. Mister C enthusiastically accepted. His houses were then dismantled and rebuilt on a single plot. Not just next to each other, but intertwined, so as to make one house out of five. This resulted in a strange compression of space-time: a house with five bathrooms and five kitchens. A labyrinth of crisscrossing glass panels, steel structures, flat and sloping roofs, stone and wooden floors.
Mies van der Rohe, Farnsworth house, 1951
Philip Johnson, Glass house, 1949
Paul Rudolph, Walker Guest house, 1953
Pierre Koenig, Stahl house, 1959
Charles W. Moore, Orinda house, 1962
Architects Muoto
Year 2019