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MUOTO is an architectural office based in Paris, founded by Gilles Delalex and Yves Moreau in 2003. Its activities cover the fields of architecture, urbanism, design and scientific research. Muoto means form in Finnish.
Muoto’s work often features minimal structures made of rough materials, as a means to combine different activities, and merge economical as well as aesthetic issues. Vertical diversity as an articulation between building and city scales is a recurrent figure in Muoto’s projects. The office has been rewarded by several prizes, such as Holcim Awards 2014, Equerre d’Argent 2016, and Bauwelt 2017.


Gilles Delalex

Is a French architect. He studied architecture in Grenoble and Montreal. He holds a Master in urban planning and a Doctorate of Arts from Alvar Aalto University, Helsinki. He is currently a professor at the School of Paris-Malaquais, where he leads the department “Theory, History and Project”. Since 1998, he has been a research fellow at the Liat Lab focusing on modernity and infrastructures.

Yves Moreau

Is a Dutch-Belgian architect. He studied at the Ecole des Arts de Saint Luc in Brussels and graduated from Chalmers Teknista Högskala, Göteborg. Between 2000 and 2001, he collaborated with Blå Arkitektur Landskap, in Sweden. Between 2001 and 2006, he worked with Christian Dior and Dominique Perrault. In 2008 he was awarded the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes and Paysagistes.

Anne Gérard

Architect ADE HMONP, ENSAP Lille (FR)


Paulo Neves

Architect, University of Evora Departmentof Architecture (P)


Amélie Grand

Architect ADE HMONP, ENSA Clermont Ferrand (FR)


Andra Stanciu

Architect ADE HMONP, ENSA Paris-la Villette (RO)


Marina Valero Martínez

Architect, Polytechnic University of Valencia (ES)


Ignacio Echeverria

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Universidad de Chile (CL)


Charlotte Le Foll

Architect, ENSA Paris Belleville (FR)


Johnny Leya

Architect, ULB La Cambre Horta, Burssels (BE)


Jordan Martini

Architect intern, ESA Paris (FR)


Wilhelm Reitzer

Architect intern, ENSA Rennes (FR)


Aurore Bazimon

Administrative Assistant



LafargeHolcim Awards – Building Better Recognition 2017
Equerre d’Argent 2016
Bauwelt-Preis 2017
ArchiDesignClub Awards 2017
Holcim Awards – Silver 2014
Label Grand Paris, 2012
Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes, 2008
Lauréat Europan 7, 2003
Bourse L’Envers des Villes, 2001


Établissement Public d’Aménagement Paris Saclay (EPAPS)
OPH Paris Habitat
RIVP Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris
Région Pays de la Loire et Laval Agglomération
SAEM Val de Seine Aménagement
SA3M Montpellier & SAAM
Demathieu & Bard
Eiffage Construction
Kaufman & Broad



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