Muoto is an architectural office based in Paris since 2003. Its activities cover the fields of architecture, urban planning, design, teaching and scientific research. Muoto’s work features minimal structures that can combine different activities, evolve in time, and merge economical and aesthetic issues. Muoto means form in Finnish.

Associated architects

Gilles Delalex

Is a French architect. He studied architecture in Grenoble and Montreal. He holds a Master in Urban Planning and a Doctorate of Arts from Alvar Aalto University, Helsinki. He is a Professor at the School of Paris-Malaquais, where he heads the department of Theory, History, and Project. He has taught at ENPC Paris, Harvard GSD and TU Wien. He is also co-director of the Liat research Lab (Infrastructure, Architecture, Territory).


Yves Moreau

Is a Dutch-Belgian architect. He studied at the Ecole des Arts de Saint Luc in Brussels and graduated from Chalmers Teknista Högskala, Göteborg. Between 2000 and 2001, he collaborated with Blå Arkitektur Landskap, in Sweden. Between 2001 and 2006, he worked with Christian Dior and Dominique Perrault. In 2008 he was awarded the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes and Paysagistes. He has taught at Harvard GSD, the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf and TU Wien.

Honours and awards

Equerre d’Argent Prize nomination, Places of Activities category

France 2022

AR Public Awards winner

England 2022

Geneva Prize nomination

Switzerland 2021

Medal of the Académie d’Architecture Française

Dejean Prize 2019

Domus 100 best architecture firms


ArchiDesignClub award nomination

France 2018

Better Building Recognition Europe award winner

Lafarge-Holcim Foundation 2017

BigMat award nomination

Grand prize for Architecture, Europe 2017

Bauwelt award winner

Germany 2017

ArchiDesignClub award winner

France 2017

Equerre d’Argent award winner

France 2016

4th International Holcim Awards winner, silver

Europe 2014

NAJAP award winner

Nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes, French Ministry of Culture2008

Europan 7 prize winner

Villeurbanne project site 2003

L’envers des villes laureate

AFAA, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2001

Conferences 2019

Bochum University for Applied Sciences, Germany

Winter Talks 2019/2020, «Joyful Ruins», Bochum, December, 2019

Air, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lecture at the Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, November 2019

Bund Schweizer Architekten Basel, Switzerland

Lecture at the Annual General Meeting of BSA Basel, November 2019

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany

Lecture « Double Exposure », Karlsruhe, November 2019

Technische Universität, Darmstadt, Germany

Lecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt, November 2019

Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule, Regensburg, Germany

Lecture at the Faculty of Architecture, OTH Regensburg, November 2019

Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Germany

Lecture «Form & Structure, Built Thoughts – Between Theory and Practice», Nuremberg, November 2019

Bergen School of Architecture, Norway

Conference on contemporary architectural praxis lived and defined by innovative and award winning architecture, Bergen, October 2019

Collectif MRC, Paris, France

Lectures on the theme of running in the city, Espace La Montgolfière, Paris, October 2019

AAI, Dublin, Ireland

Lecture at the Architectural Association of Ireland, Dublin,October 2019

Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile-de-France, Paris, France

Round table : «L’architecture à quel prix ?», as part of the Lafarge-Holcim Awards, October 2019

ETSAM, Madrid, Spain

Lecture at the School of Architecture at the Technical University of Madrid UPM October 2019

Barcelona Building Construmat, Spain

Lecture as part of the colloquium «Logicas de innovacion y cambio», Barcelona, May 2019

LUCA, Luxembourg Center for Architecture, Luxembourg

Lecture «Public condenser», programme «This will feed that», Luxembourg, May 2019

DAAD, Bratislava, Slovakia

Lecture, festival Days of architecture and Design, Bratislava, May 2019

Arkitektskap, Oslo, Norway

Lecture at the Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre, Oslo, April 2019

Architecture Faculty Peter Behrens School of Arts, Düsseldorf, Germany

Lecture as part of the colloquium «The Extension of the City», January 2019

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Lecture as part of the colloquium «Identität der Architektur», January 2019


2G – magazine, Spain

Muoto, n°79, Koenig books, juin 2019





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