Clichy +

Educational cluster – Clichy-la-Garenne


This school is situated on a former industrial site dating back to the 19th century. Currently the site is currently being transformed into a green park. The project was considered as a fragment of the surrounding park and the soil was carved out to accommodate the transport of new school equipment. The roof of the new school building is covered with a thick layer of natural soil planted with grass, align to the adjacent park. The building’s massing has two courtyards that functions as separate playgrounds for the primary and elementary school. The configuration ensures privacy and safety for the two different age groups. The translucent exterior glass façade provides soft and natural lighting of the peripheral corridors. The two schools have 13classrooms and one shared dining hall. All of the interior spaces benefit from a direct view of the courts, as well as direct access. The peripheral corridors functions as public circulation throughout the building but doubles as programmatic buffers like activity spaces, locker rooms, exhibition spaces and thermal buffers. The environmental approach does not only rely on technical and complex devices but architectural elements that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Program  Kindergarten and elementary school of 13 classes, after-school programs & community centre, restaurant
Area  5 000 m²
Budget  11 000 000 €
Architects  Muoto with Jean de Giacinto Architecte (representative)
Consultants  ARTELIA, NOBATEK, Cuisinorme, IDB Acoustique, Anne-Flore Labrunie
Year  2010 -2017