Le Havre +

Reservoir tower – Le Havre, France
The reservoir tower is a 1960s residential building which is distinctive for the water tank on its roof and the huge number of collective spaces on the lower floors. It is partially abandoned today. The aim of this restructuring project is to reactivate its original role as a social enabler. The remit is to renovate the existing apartments, to upgrade the surrounding urban spaces, and to reprogram collective spaces with an aquatic theme. The key element of the proposal is the positioning of an additional thin tower on the northern façade in order to revitalize the identity of the existing building and introduce a greater variety of housing typologies.
Program Renovation of a housing tower
Client Logeo Seine Estuaire
Surface area 8400 sqm
Budget €9,000,000
Architect Muoto
Consultants ATEC, EVP, INEX, Acoustibel, AIPS, FMDC/EXIM
Year 2019