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Bayernkaserne – Munich, Germany
This housing project is part of a new neighbourhood on the site of a former barracks. The master plan of the Bayernkaserne is conceived as an orthogonal grid, defining an urban landscape of large blocks. The building is organised around a garden and has a roof where shared gardens are located. The compact block hosts 203 apartments on eight floors and a nursery on the ground floor. The courtyard is accessible by five covered passages leading from the street to the heart of the block. The facade is composed according to a regular rhythm of loggias. The distribution of the apartments takes the form of continuous passageways along interior facades. These covered passageways are punctually extended by gaps carved in the block towards to outside. They function as shared circulations as well as appropriable outdoor spaces. They promote interactions among neighbours and create visual relations between floors.
Program 203 family housing units, nursery, underground car park
Client GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München
Surface area 21418 sqm
Budget €36,301,986
Architect Muoto
Consultants Treibhaus & Lavaland Berlin, Bollinger & Grohmann
Year 2021