Anderlecht +

School and sport center – Anderlecht, Belgium
This complex includes three distinct activities: an elementary school, a high school and a sport center. It takes the shape of a pier, such as those you find along the English coastline in leisure resorts, as it goes straight facing the slope. This position means to reveal the geography of the site, in same manner as a bridge reveals a valley. The buildings, positioned next to each other, form together a long infrastructure stretched in the horizon, overhanging the parc. The horizontality of the building contrasts with the wavy topography of the parc, hosting outdoor sports activities and playgrounds. Walkways link the different buildings to each other, so that they form together a single structure within which activities can evolve through time. Large folding glazed windows animate the façade all along the parc. Outdoor sport grounds situated on the roof the sport complex are covered by a light metal structure and vaulted polycarbonate sheets.
Program Elementary school, high school and sport center: basketball, padel, skate-park, dojo and multisports halls
Client Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Surface area 16000 sqm + 30000 sqm park
Budget €22,500,000
Architect Muoto, Label architecture, GRAU
Landscape architect Erik Dhont
Consultants Servais Engineering Architectural, Energ-Ir, CEDIA, Esther le Roy, Sophie Whettnall
Year 2020