Barcelona +

La Marina – Barcelona, Spain
This project is an extension of the existing La Marina municipal sports centre in Barcelona. The addition of this extension creates a new public space and redefines the main entrance of the sports centre. On the roof of the building is a swimming pool with a sliding roof, allowing the pool to operate as both an open-air and an indoor facility. This design means that the swimming pool stands like an elevated terrace above the city, an exceptional space that exploits the Mediterranean climate to the full. The rooftop swimming pool is supported by an infrastructure made up of thick pillars and a concrete tank in which the pools are embedded. This arrangement creates a visual connection with the street from the sports activities taking place on the lower floors and asserts the public nature of the sports centre.
Program Municipal sports facilities: Swimming pool, solarium, fitness room, multi-activity rooms
Client Ajuntament de Barcelona
Surface area 4423 sqm
Budget €6,649,997
Architect Muoto and MAIO Architects
Consultants Masala Consultors, L3J, Dalmau+Morros, Societat Organica, Territoris XLM
Year 2022