Lucerne +

The Path – Lucerne, Switzerland
This memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the Swiss Army is conceived as a pathway of mourning. It takes the form of a strip of concrete with a striated surface that crosses existing paths and trees. It can be a place for solitary reflection or for conversation. The idea is to create an experience that resembles hypnosis or true awareness. The intervention calls for mental as well as physical gymnastics – following the lines, experiencing a spatial and sensory event. It also calls for mindfulness, immersion in the present moment and in geography. The path represents the passage through time, the experience of its transience and its immutability. Notions that run through philosophy, from the Stoics to Heidegger, from Saint Augustine to Bergson. World history and intimate individual stories are thus superimposed.
Program Memorial dedicated to fallen soldiers of the Swiss Army
Client Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport
Surface area 2190 sqm
Budget CHF379,000
Architect & artist Muoto and Luc Mattenberger
Year 2021