TDS Bruxelles +

Sports tower – Brussels, Belgium
The sports tower stands beside the Willebroek Canal in Brussels and completes the design of Maximilien great park. This totem tower hosts a gymnasium, a climbing gym, a multipurpose sports facility, a café, and outdoor paddle tennis courts. The project rises to the originality of the programme by superimposing the different activities and offering visitors who climb the tower an ascendant and contemplative experience. The building forms a structure with the capacity to accommodate vacant internal spaces of different kinds – terraces, a capacious loggia – which reflect its potential to evolve over time. Its verticality makes it both a landmark and a place of observation. It fulfils a symbolic and a performative role, the challenge of seeing and being seen.
Program Regional sports facilities: gymnasium, multi-sport hall, climbing gym, paddle tennis courts
Client City of Brussels, Société d’Aménagement Urbain (SAU)
Surface area 5500 sqm
Budget €11,000,000
Architect Muoto and Label architecture
Consultants Ecorce, SecuriSan, UTIL, Arcade Logistiek
Year 2021