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Festival architectures vives – Paris XIIIe

This ephemeral installation was designed as part of the Festival des Architectures Vives, on the site of the Magasins Généraux of the city of Paris, prior to their rehabilitation. It takes the form of mirrored bubbles which float sinuously in clusters on the water’s surface. On clear days, they mingle with the brilliant folds of the Seine’s waves which recall rumpled aluminium foil. Under overcast skies, they interact in dark and murky waters to expose inverted reflections of the facades that line the waterfront. Fisheye is a plastic installation that plays on the contrasts upon the ambiguous surface of the Seine, alternately dark, mirrored or rippling. It is composed of a cluster of curved mirrors, similar to those which usually dot parking exits and supermarket ceilings. These objects, divested of their primary function, no longer reflect clients or cars but a panoramic image of docks, barges and visitors who suddenly encounter their distorted image in the river’s troubled waters. The installation can be interpreted on the basis of an impression of the critical hijacking of security objects or inversely, on the observation of an open structure in perpetual recomposition.


Program  Architectural installation at the shore of the Seine
Association A-pack
Budget  2600 €
Architects  Muoto & Gaël Queau

Year  2006