Helb Bruxelles +

School of media – Brussels


This school of media and public relations is situated in Brussel’s new media park. It faces a green park and two major buildings hosting the Flemish as well as the Wallon national TV companies. The building is characterised by a stepped profile that to allows to accommodate a vast range of activities necessitating spaces of various heights and sizes. The large recording studios that do not require natural light are situated underground, whereas small editing cells, where students spend entire months editing their final movies, are situated on the upper floors. The north façade facing the park is conceived as a transparent screen revealing everyday activity. It is the public face of the school. The south façade hosts a series of linear outdoor terraces where students and teachers can take informal breaks, discuss, sunbath or party. This domestic side of the building faces the backyards of an existing housing block, typical of Brussels’ urban fabric. The concrete structure of the building is inspired by large stadium structures and public infrastructures meant to carry urban crowds.


Program School of media
Client  HELB, Haute école libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine
Area 5 300 m²
Budget  7.500.000 €
Architect  Muoto and Label Architects
Consultants  Util, Energ-Ir, Kahle Acoustics, Umhotep
Year  Competition 2018