Helsinki +


Guggenheim helsinki – Helsinki, Finland


The project presents itself as an inversed double pyramid, a symbolic figure of modified femininity, dual and superimposed, or a Cartesian whirlwind, recalling the cyclonic spiral of the New York museum or the natural forces of a wild and indomitable sea. This strange form, whose symbolism resists all singular interpretation, results from the superposition of different surfaces of activity, united by way of a metallic three dimensional structure functioning as a curtain wall. It engages visitors in an ascending experience which leads from the entrance areas of the ground floor towards the exposition spaces at various levels, to a suspended sculpture terrace and a panoramic restaurant crowning the summit. The journey through the museum unfolds as a set of successive steps which progressively uncover the cityscape and its natural archipelago. The museum is not conceived as a closed off environment, protecting the works from exterior gazes, but as a doubled observatory of art and landscape. It is envisioned simultaneously as an harbour infrastructure which responds to the presence of ships, floating buildings that leave the city each evening, and a media infrastructure that meets the challenge of seeing and being seen.


Program Museum
Client Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

Area 7 000m²
Architects Muoto architectes
Year Competition 2014