Extension of the INA, Institut national de l’audiovisuel  Bry sur Marne


The extension of the INA building was designed as a crystalline factory, whose purpose is to gather dispersed technical activities in a rational and transparent place. Designed as a facility open onto public space, it is capable of transforming the extent of the audio-visual world. The project is organized around a U shaped plan which connects the two wings of the existing building. Circulation is oriented inwards onto a courtyard and punctuated by four patios. These patios provide breathing visual links between services and floors while creating microclimates which ensure the visual, thermal and acoustic comfort dominating the processing of sound and image. At the urban scale, these patios create moments of transparency between the road and the courtyard. Exterior terraces promote appropriations of space, the daily rituals of work and navigate the relations of building to general landscape. The flexibility of the building is based on a minimalized structure: far spanning prefabricated floors and a regular column structure supporting a glazed facade exposing the daily activities of the INA. The large plaza, situated at the corner of the site, forms a new public space which reflects the aim of the project to become an urban ‘piece’, a participant in the new urbanity of the district.


Program Offices, workshops, logistics, public spaces
Client OPPIC
Area  3920 m² SDO
Budget 9 800 000 €
Architects Muoto
Consultants ATEC, INEX, EVP, Acoustibel, Guillaume Derrien
Year  2016

Certification BBC RT 2012