La Madeleine +

Social condenser – La Madeleine, Lille
This Babel project is a condenser of urban and professional activities, situated in the continuity of the Euralille district planned by OMA, along the urban boulevard linking the different communes of the Lille metropolis. It questions the fate and identity of ring roads, typical of European cities. Such ring roads constitute major reserves of land while they usually host random low density activities rejected from city centres. Babel is a proposal to build more than 60 000sqm while conserving a campus-like condition of the ring road, with new free-floating objects. The shape of the building is that of a coliseum, a circular amphitheatre, each slice of it containing a different function : offices, dwellings, hotel, shops, kindergarten… A miniature city at the border of the historical city.
Program Dwellings, retail spaces, offices, innovation hub, hotel, apartment hotel
Client La Madeleine
Area 66 189 sqm
Budget 100 289 000 €
Architects Muoto and Yoda architects
Consultants Transsolar, Guillaume Derrien
Year 2017