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City of virtual reality – Laval
The City of Virtual Reality has as its objective to create a new and iconic architectural entity at the heart of the metropolitan area of Laval, one constructed from an innovative program that unites research, exhibition, education and sports. It is designed as a technological city set in a circle with a 100 m diameter, a figure selected for the force of its landscape in addition to its universal symbolic dimension. The conception of this city addresses the work styles and new collaborations that encourage interactions between the different stakeholders involved in the project across the metropolis. The program is structured around a grid of connections designed as streets and squares facilitating informal encounters between users and the free movement of ideas. The activities of the City are distributed on three levels, with spaces dedicated to the general public situated at ground level, and experimentation labs, workrooms and educational facilities on the two upper floors. A network of exterior terraces creates recreational spaces for breaks and informal discussions, while a billboard located on a larger platform offers a constant flow of information on current events.
Program Mixed-use centre for cultural events and local computer simulation industries
Client Région Pays de la Loire et Laval Agglomération
Surface area 5 700 sqm
Budget 12 041 000 €
Architects Muoto & Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans
Consultants ATEC Jérôme Vaillant, Espace-Temps, Atelier CMJN, Bollinger & Grohmann, Acoustibel, Viabe, Guillaume Derrien
Year 2013-2014