Mobilis +

Fun car palace – Brussels
This garage of the future responds to the evolution of urban mobility and car culture with an evolutive structure. It borrows to Cedric Price’s famous Fun Palace project a series of technical devices: open platforms, technical towers, car lifts, and a demountable structural frame. The position of the technical towers defines a tartan grid alternating thin technical strips dedicated to the movements of air, water and people, and larger strips hosting platforms of activity. The idea is to associate flows of car and people without distinction. In this large structure, some activities appear, and others disappear. Cars and people go up and down, along bridges and towers. The factory turns into a theatre; the theatre turns into a event. Culture and industry mix with each other. The structure becomes « une œuvre ouverte », both machine and stage design. It associates rigor and freedom. It defines an architecture of anticipation and collaboration.

Program Garage for the sale and repair of cars, showroom, offices, workshops, delivery center, logistics
Client D’Ieteren Immo
Surface area 23 980 sqm
Budget 19 000 000 €
Architects Muoto & BC Architects
Consultants Bollinger + Grohmann, Daidalos Peutz
Year 2019