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86 dwellings PANTIN – Pantin 


This project proposes the creation of a built square in the literal and figurative sense. This square takes its form from a structural framework which frames the landscape and allows for unrestricted organization of space and open use, whether scheduled or informal. It addresses the structural principle of the concrete slab floor to create a free plan and allow for a typological or programmatic evolution of the building in the future. It also responds to the port identity of the site and the adjacent industrial architecture of the large warehouses of Pantin by opening widely to embrace an open horizontal landscape. The distribution of housing in several buildings answers an urban challenge, as well as issues of interior comfort and orientation. The linearity of the buildings on the canal side forms traversing units at the center and threefold oriented units at the extremities. The extensions built street-side serve as transitions to the urban scale and encourage angular configurations. The various buildings are serviced by external protected landings; there are no hallways or corridors. Instead, one enters a residence by the front, either through a terrace or a loggia, as one would in superimposed individual housing.


Program  86 dwellings in two buildings,  public spaces and carpark

Client SEMIP

Area  7129 m²

Budget  10 400 000 € HT

Architects  Muoto & MAO

Consultants Fabrice Bougon, Espace-temps, Bollinger-Grohmann, Nobateck

Year  Competition 2015

Certification  BBC