La Chapelle +


Dwellings & soho – Paris 18e


This residential project is located in the industrial district of Paris which is currently being reformed by the AUC urbanism agency. The characteristics of the building are distinguished into two worlds, the lower portion houses professional studio space that can be converted into a residence, and the upper portion is purely dedicated to living. To distinguish the two worlds, the base is treated in white concrete while the upper floors are glazed with sliding doors and a continuous balcony. The building’s exterior façade illustrates the complementary relationship between the lower and upper world. The dwelling’s floor plan strategically places the living space to prevent overlooking in adjacent towers. The humidity and storage rooms are located around the cores while the living space would receive light from the exterior glazing. The first floor of the residential portion of the tower is dedicated to large apartments. To compensate the large units near the street level is to install loggias and winter gardens which reduce noise pollution and expand the living space. The roof of the tower has a big terrace that is accessible to all the residents.


Program  42 social residences, 64 family residences and 18 Soho (working spaces)

Client  RIVP

Area Housing 6 627 m² + SOHO  1 918 m²

Budget  16 500 000 €

Architects  Muoto & NP2F

Year Competition 2014

Certification  Bbc rt 2012