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Sales pavillon – Rungis Food Market
The reconstruction of the D6A pavilion aims to increase site density with a flexible sales pavilion dedicated to the growing market for organic products, integrating the restaurant “Les Provinces”, which occupies a place of particular importance in the mythology of the Rungis International Food Market. The pavilion is designed on an orthonormal basis, simultaneously assuming the unique horizontality of Rungis’ landscape and creating an exception to its rule on one of its angles in the form of an urban marker. The glazed strip of the upper floor, housing office spaces, stretches to underline the pavilion’s horizontality, embracing the vast landscape of the market, while the thin tower of the restaurant overhangs a suspended corner terrace as an exception to the Cartesian grid. The vertical structure, in fragile balance on the edge of the market hall, acts as a site-scale sign, a ‘magic lantern’, visible both day and night. This singular element, reproducible throughout the market, participates in a broader strategy of highlighting important locations in Rungis. This tower functions as both a local attractor for the users of the market and a strategic device marking a place of active life and social encounters.
Program Flexible sales pavilion for the Rungis National Interest Market, devoted to organic products
Client SEMMARIS – Rungis National Interest Market
Surface area 5 315 sqm
Budget 3 500 000 €
Architects Muoto
Consultants Fabrice Bougon, Bollinger & Grohmann, INEX
Year Competition 2013